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Calm Strong Heart
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CALM STRONG HEART (1/8 oz, in Gift Box):

We are packaging this exotic 1/8 oz pure essential oil blend in a satin bag and gold gift box. 

We are packaging this exotic 1/8 oz pure essential oil blend in a satin bag and gold gift box, with tiny glass eyedropper (as shown)  -- makes a lovely present when paired with handcrafted ceramic aroma necklace by Elena Trexler (sold separately). Discounts are applied at checkout.

This uplifting, relaxing vasodilator blend calms, comforts and nourishes our cells. The blend was designed to increase circulation, cleanse and strengthen the heart, arteries and veins.


  • Based on the existing literature, Frankincense has been found to increase transportation of oxygen into the cells and to nourish cells.
  • Angelica (traditionally known as the Root of the Holy Ghost) and Bay Laurel are said to support the heart and strengthen the body.
  • The Holy Blue Yarrow oil is reported to be antispasmodic, physically & emotionally strengthening, and spiritually opening.
  • Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Cumin are described by Jeanne Rose as powerful antispasmodics that physically relax the muscles (including the heart), dilate the arteries & veins, and help to strengthen the vein walls.
  • Tisserand has reported that Sage increases circulation and brain function.
  • Neroli and Bergamot are thought to be calming & mood uplifting, assisting us to detach from the melodrama of life.
  • Jeanne Rose reported that in ancient times Elemi was known as Bone Heal, and was carried in battle to mend the warriors. It has a powerful beneficial effect on all body organs, including the heart, brain & circulatory system. 
  • Elemi is also said to assist creative mental focus, balancing the metabolism and emotions.
  • A generous quantity of St. John’s Wort is included (powerful uplifting element, with relaxing and strengthening characteristics).

(The blend was created by Sheryl Doernbrack, RMT, PT, The Woodlands, TX)

Uses: Dilute in a nourishing cream (such as our A,D & E cream), using between 25 and 35 drops of the blend for each ounce of cream.

Energetic Benefits: The Calm Strong Heart essential oil blend aggressively breaks up blockages in the small intestines, and also opens up pathways of energy in the brain and sinuses.

1/8 oz: $20

Essential oils travel quickly through the body and work energetically in a beneficial manner for people and animals, when held or a few drops applied on the skin.

The above information is for educational purposes only, and nothing contained herein should be construed as medical advice.

Physical Index: Alzheimer's Daily Wear, Ancient Holy Oils, Antispasmodic, Balancing, Brain Energizer, Cellular Healing, Daily Wear for Men & Women, Activate Fluids (Digestive, Sinuses, Pancreas, Adrenals); Energizing, Heart Support, Nourishing Cells, Relaxing, Spiritual Sensuality (Release Endorphins), Uplifting Vasodilators

Energetically, the blend aggressively breaks up blockages in the small intestines, wiping the intestines and also opening up pathways of energy in the brain and sinuses.

Energy Index: Brain Energizer; Intestinal Support; Sinuses; Release & Elimination: Kidneys, Sinuses, Colon, Lymph.



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Really Helpful

- 01/14/2014

My son uses this all the time. He says it helps him feel more focused and ready to face challenges. He likes the general feeling of well being it gives him. My husband tried some of it the other day and now I'm ordering it for him. My husband thought ...

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