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Product ID: SprayCollectionMeditate
Meditation/Yoga Air Freshener Gift with Carry Bag Discounts Apply !
Half Price Special
Meditation/Yoga Air Freshener Gift with Carry Bag
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Aromatherapy Air Fresheners from Earth Angel Oils

Meditation, Expanded Consciousness, Yoga & Third Eye Awakening

Mental & Emotional Uplift, Panic & Stress Relief, Spiritual Awakening

Value of five 2 oz Body & Environmental Sprays in Handmade Carry Bag: $79.50

These five transformational environmental and body sprays contain many ancient holy oils and rare & precious floral oils, which traditionally have been used for vibrational healing, sensuality, heightened consciousness and spiritual awakening. The sprays are contained in a decorative handmade carry bag.

Each Vibrational Spray is a unique combination of essential oil blends, gem elixirs & flower essences  carried in pH controlled anti-oxidant water. 

Shake and spray the area before meditation or yoga sessions. These calming, grounding and uplifting formulas are also excellent for stress and panic relief.  Generous quantities of esters & sesquiterpenes increase the transportation of oxygen, bringing nourishment to cells, releasing waste, healing cell walls & building new cells -- balancing our emotions and regenerating our bodies while also bringing us to a higher state of consciousness.

Crown Chakra: Arc of Illumination Inspirational Essential Oil Body & Air Vibrational Spray with Gold & Raising the Vibrations Gem Elixirs:

Arc of Illumination spiritual essential oil blend contains high-vibration essential oils, awakening the illumination within each of us.

In working toward higher ascendance we included oils to represent higher harmonic frequencies (Litsea cubeba and Juniper).

  • Juniper kindles the fire essence in our being. Juniper helps us to connect to our Soul group, assisting us to move into our light body for expanded consciousness and transformation.
  • Litsea cubeba expands the crown chakra and spiritualizes our thought process. It encourages discernment -- patience, confidence, the energy to meet challenges, deadlines, new situations -- transformation actualized in daily life.

Shake & spray to cleanse and uplift the environment.

Excellent for daily wear, and ideal to accompany yoga and meditation practices.

Third Eye Chakra: HAPPY CONCENTRATION (Heightened Sensory Perception) SPRAY:Mental Focus Spray/Air Freshener with Gold & Moon Energy Gem Elixirs

This blend is good for creative work, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, energy healing, massage.

Delicate Rosemary verbenone reminds us of a crisp morning in the Rocky Mountains!

Spiritual oils Rose, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Mandarin, Cedarwood, Rosewood and Myrtle stimulate the brain & enhance the senses: eyes, Third Eye, ears, nose, mouth, and sinuses.

Good in all daytime situations - home, car, classrooms, office. Shake & spray body and environment.                     

Energetically, the frequency of the blend moves upward, working on the Third Eye working in the right brain & working on the senses: ears, eyes, nose, mouth, going into the sinuses, the mastoid area of the ear & the retina of the eye going all through the mouth right into the center of the brain. And the spiritual energy comes in, connecting us to our finer levels of the senses.

Throat Chakra: Love that Lives Endocrine Balancing Daily Wear & Environmental Spray.

This calming, strengthening and brightening blend is perfect for a refreshing daytime uplift, assists clear breathing and thinking, as well as hormonal, metabolic and emotional balance. It is a favorite for daily wear, meditation, yoga and sports workouts. Strengthening & balancing oils oxygenate the brain & lungs, assists focus, relieve anxiety, and encourage wellbeing.


  • nerve strengthening Myrtle, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Nutmeg, Basil, Lime, and
  • warming Birch, Roman Chamomile, Balsam & Cistus.
  • (Also contains Raise the Vibrations gem elixir & Black Kangaroo Paw, Purple Flag Flower & Swan River Myrtle flower essences.

Energetic Benefits: The Love that Lives essential oil blend opens up the chest and lungs, helps to oxygenate the lungs.

Solar Plexus Chakra: On the Sacred Path Spiritual Spray & Air Freshener: Grounding, Respiratory, Mental Focus; Metabolic, Hormonal & Emotional Balance with Healing Waters & Protection Gem Elixirs, & Anti-Oxidant Water:

Walking through the Sacred Forest—Cypress, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Spruce, Rosewood, Citrus trees.

We have started a new day. The blend helps us remember why we are here, and helps us to stay grounded for what we are to be doing.

Ingredients: Contains

  • brain energizers Coriander, Spike Lavender, Hyssop;
  • hormonal & metabolic balancers, respiratory antispasmodics, spiritual enhancers Cedarwood, Spruce, Fir, Eucalyptus radiata, Rosemary verbenone, Ravensara, Elemi, Rosewood, Lime, and Orange; plus
  • Cypress for grounding.

Energetic Benefits: On the Sacred Path blend is a general activator, energizing the hara cord, stimulating the solar plexus and Central Nervous System. Raises Chi.

Heart Chakra: HEARTSONG Hormonally Supportive Body Spray and Air Freshener with Raise the Vibrations Gem Elixir: Contains pure essential oils & Gem Elixir in spring water.

Heartsong essential oil blend helps us rise above our problems with

  • nerve strengthening trees Cypress, Juniper, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Bay Laurel, Pine & Rosewood;
  • sweet euphoric Rose and Jasmine; and
  • brain and body energizers Ginger, Cardamom, Hyssop, Rosemary, Tarragon, Sage, Thyme, Cistus

-- Opening our Hearts to help us maintain positive action in the world.

Energetically, the blend enters through the moon chakras and moves throughout the meridians, energizing the whole body.

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