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Spring Diffuser Extravaganza: Ultrasonic Diffusers by Green Air, 40% off: Click here.

Essential Oil & Blend Diffuser Collections, Reduced Half to 3/4 during Spring. Click here.

Bulk Essential Oils, 2/3 off Discount during Spring. Click here.


Let's warm up the USA with these Warming, Regenerating, Pain-Relieving Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends -- Half Price until the cold weather goes away! Herbal Health Pack above: 1/8 oz size Was $55; NOW $27.50! 1/4 oz size Was $90; NOW $45. Click here.


1st Aid Sprays Were $75; NOW $37.50! Click Picture above.

First Aid & Skin Care Sprays: Warming Pure Essential Oil Blends in Aloe Vera liquid -- increase Circulation in hands/feet, Regenerate nerves, Heal Bruises & Skin Hotspots

Alert FocusComboL

Energizes Brain/Eyes, Cleanses Liver NOW $18


MYRTLE: Digestive, Endocrine, Thyroid support; 1/4 oz NOW $7 Click Picture


Decongestant; Stress, Headache, Pain Relief 1/4 oz NOW $4. Click Picture above.

Spruce picea marianaL

SPRUCE: Energizes Pituitary, Thyroid; Warms Bones, Spine; Asthma/Arthritis Relief; 1/4 oz NOW $4.50 Click Pix above


WRITERS PACK: Focus, Creativity, Intuition, Wellbeing NOW $49.50! Click pix above


ANISE SEED: Clear Breathing, Mood Uplift, Astral travel, Oneness 1/4 oz $3.75 Click pix above


MEMORY/REGEN 5-PK: Increases Circulation, Relieves Stress, Enhances Memory NOW $30! Click on picture above.


BERGAMOT: Warms spleen, Kills parasites, TB, staph, ecoli. 1/4 oz NOW $4.50 Click on picture above.


JUNIPER: Drainage - cleansing, purifying; Energizes endocrine, kidneys, adrenals 1/8 oz $6.25


NUTMEG: Warms muscles, joints, analgesic; Activates Kundalini 1/4 oz $6. Click on picture above.


ROMAN CHAMOMILE, Organic: Antispasmodic, Antidepressant; Balances CNS, Activates Kundalini. Analgesic: Relieves headaches, allergies, asthma, arthritis. 1/8 oz NOW $8.50 Click on picture above.


SPIKENARD: Cellular Healing in the Etheric Core - Calms CNS, Warms hands/feet; Antibac, Antifungal, Fights Staph Infections. 1/8 oz NOW $6.25 Click on picture above.


CASSIA: Ancient Holy oil, Diuretic & Aphrodisiac; Activates Root Chakra from Above. NOW 1/2 oz $3.75! Click pix


FRANKINCENSE Boswellia serrata: Strengthens endocrine, adrenals; Heals & regenerates body, mind & spirit - brings in Spiritual Energy. 1/8 oz NOW $6.25 Click pix


BIRCH: Pain relief - Warms, strengthens the bones. 1/4 oz NOW $3.25! Click on picture above.




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