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Drainage, Healing, & Pain Relief HALF PRICE

New Pain-Relief blend (above, Click) features two drainage oils (Lemongrass & Marjoram), and two sesquiterpenes for healing & pain relief: (Copaiba & Frankincense).

The blend really works, and in honor of this new offering, we have put ALL of our Drainage & Pain Relief oils & blends on Half Price Special for October:
Drainage Blends (for Brain, Sinuses, Lymph, Kidneys): Click Here .
Pain Relief Oils: Click Here .
Pain Relief Blends & Packs: Click here

2/3 off our Action Incentives Click & many of our most popular mood uplifting blend/spray combos: Click .

Our selection of over 200 individual Essential Oils includes:

  • Massage & Aromatherapy Basics such as lavender, peppermint and grapefruit
  • Rare and Precious Essential Oils such as Rose, Jasmine, Linden Blossom, and Plumeria
  • Exotic and hard to find oils such as Amber, Sandalwood, and premium Frankincense
Our selection of 100% Pure Essential Oil Blends (over 300 blends available, developed in conjunction with health professionals throughout the years) include Essential Oil Blends for:
  • Pain Relief, Healing & Regeneration, Sports Massage
  • Stress & Anxiety Relief, Sleep, Calming & Relaxation
  • Memory & Focus Enhancement & Creativity
  • Mood Uplift, Hormonal Support & Chakra Balancing
  • Natural Respiratory Protection & Immune Building - Antiviral, Antimicrobial
  • Natural First Aid & Skin Care


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Click HERE to see our specials and updates!

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