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My journey with the oils

Early Aromatic Experiences in a Growth Center, early  70’s, and years later, my first essential oils.

I have been passionate about essential oils ever since I discovered them 25 years ago.

Before I knew about essential oils, I had been exposed to exotic aromas through candles and incense, particularly the scents of Sandalwood and Patchouli, while living in a humanistic growth center as a resident psychology student during the early 1970’s.   But I had never heard of essential oils.  It was a memorable occasion for me, and once I learned about them, I couldn’t imagine how it took me so long!

I  learned about essential oils from books.  I enjoy fresh herbs and liked to try to grow them. While visiting my two favorite herb shops, I began to notice books on essential oils. My curiosity aroused, I asked the shop owner to introduce me to the two most important oils to start with. She sold me Lavender and Geranium, and the books.

Do you remember your first essential oils?  If you do, please comment and tell your stories.  What was it like? Did you share your discovery with others?

More physical and energetic information on the oils described in this Post:   Lavender; Geranium