Essential Oils Relieve Anxiety, Balance Emotions

Essential Oils Relieve Anxiety, Balance Emotions

The first two oils that I came to know personally were Lavender and GeraniumIt was a perfect beginning for me, because I was a single mom raising two boys, and all three of us carried a high level of anxiety and insecurity (due to economic uncertainty and a new environment, new life on our own).  I was a school psychologist and knew about meditation and biofeedback, but I had no idea that anxiety, stress and headaches could be relieved by smelling essential oils.

I immediately loved the Lavender, smelled it frequently and anointed myself with it.  I wasn’t so sure about the Geranium, but it grew on me over time, and now when I introduce others to Geranium, I always refer to it as the most comforting of all the oils.

When you find something wonderful, it is natural to share. I kept a small bottle of Lavender in my desk at school, and sometimes teachers would complain of headaches.  I began to invite teachers to anoint their necks and brow to relieve headaches, and much to everyone’s surprise, it worked!

I didn’t suffer from headaches myself, but I will always remember the relief that I felt when anointing myself with Lavender. A drop behind the ears, and I could feel the stress melt away!

Other essential oils that I have come to treasure for their powerful stress relieving capacities are Bergamot and Marjoram. Also, Basil helps relieve irritability and negativity, and activates empathy and wellbeing.

One of the most famous of the Earth Angel Oils blends is the Anti-Stress, Pain & Panic Relief  blend, which contains Lavender, Marjoram and Basil; and this combination is our first choice for stress relief for both people and animals.

As a psychologist, I was shocked when I realized that the oils are effective in alleviating stress. I have been devoted to letting others know the wonderful benefits of this natural remedy, ever since my first exposure to the oils 25 years ago.

Have the oils helped relieve stress in your life? Please let us know your experiences with the oils and your favorite ways to use them.

More information on the oils described in this post: Lavender; Geranium; Bergamot; MarjoramBasil; and Anti-Stress, Pain & Panic Relief   blend


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