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Product ID: Cardamom
Cardamom Seed Select
Cardamom Seed Select
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Cardamom Seed Select, Elletaria cardamomum (India):

Mental Clarity, Warming Energy, Love, Sex, Love and Compassion, Uplifting. Allows us to release old beliefs and emotional traumas, eases fears.

Allows new energies and more Light to be assimilated into the physical body.  Renews appetite for life! Relieves excess worrying, nervous exhaustion; enhances mental clarity & joy,  increases attention & concentration. Gentle tonic for brain & nervous system, pancreas, spleen, digestion — helps relieve sugar cravings; relieves nervous digestive problems for children and adults.

  • Enhances Mental Clarity: (Head Clearing)
  • Aphrodisiac (Uplifting): Helps overcome mental & sexual disorders. Use a tiny amount, can overpower blends. Great for baths: medicinal & anti-stress relaxing tonic, mental balance & aphrodisiac (use with Carnelian for sexual dysfunction).
  • Reduces Anxiety: Warming, relaxing & energizing.
  • Digestion & Asthma (Antispasmodic): Digestive stimulant, eases nervous stomach, helps gut spasms & bronchitis.
  • Harmonizes Autonomic Nervous System (ANS): Stimulates Locus Coreleus, increases Noradrenaline (Invigorating, wakes us up!)
  • Strengthening: Overcomes mental fatigue, nervous exhaustion
  • Blends with: Cedarwood, clary sage, frankincense, cinnamon, cloves, citrus, florals.

Energetic Benefits: Cardamom is a subtle energy which strengthens the brain and body — activates the Third eye, drains sinuses, assists stomach, liver, brain, CNS, lower back, sciatic nerve and legs. Please click on the Energetic Effects tab for more information about the energy of this oil.

2 ml: $12.95; 1/8 oz: $22.50; 1/6 oz: $27.95; 1/4 oz: $39.50; 1/2 oz: $75; 1 oz: $128.50

The above information is for educational purposes only, and nothing contained herein should be construed as medical advice.

Energetic Actions: Enhances assimilation of energy. — Deborah Eidson, Vibrational Healing

Energetic Observations: This one works on the thymus, throat, mouth, drains the sinuses, and activates the Third eye. It makes a circuit from the solar plexus, stomach, to the liver, and up to the eyes (left lobe of the liver is connected to the eyes). It strengthens the Central Nervous System, head, spine, nerves in the lower back, sciatic nerve, flowing down the legs & grounding. It is a subtle energy that travels throughout the brain and body. — Star Johnsen-Moser

Energy Index: Aphrodisiac Spiritual; Aphrodisiac 2nd Chakra to Throat Chakra; Clears Expression; Circulation Hands, Feet, Head, CNS; Digestive Stomach, Abdomen; Endocrine Strengthen: Warms Immune; Eyes; Joints; Liver Support; Moon Chakras; Sensory Expand & Psychic Powers; Sinuses; Spinal Strengthen Immune Thymus.

Essential oils travel quickly through the body and work energetically in a beneficial manner for people and animals, when held or a few drops applied on the skin.

The above information is for educational purposes only, and nothing contained herein should be construed as medical advice.



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