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Value of the Oils: $38. Intro Special $33!

This great collection of citruses is perfect for diffusing.  Combo contains a total of (5) 1/2 oz Essential Oils as follows:

The following essential oils are nourishing, gentle, affordable, & frequently used to enhance emotional & metabolic balance, brain integration, & learning. 

Grapefruit Peel (Rutaceae Family):  Disperse, Lighten, Revive.  Calms Mental Chatter, expands Heart & Third Eye, activates frontal lobe for Brain Integration, increases happiness & mental clarity.  Antidepressant, antiseptic lymphatic stimulant and diuretic.  Cools, cleanses, decongests liver, lymph, spleen.  Purifies blood, clears arteries, eliminates excess fluid, breaks down fat. Its dissolving qualities may diffuse gallstones. 

Energetically, Grapefruit anchors the higher self into the body, empowers us & provides a feeling of wellbeing. ½ oz: $10.

Lemon Peel (Rutaceae Family): Increases inner joy & optimism. Opens Heart, Eases Fears – Lightens. Purifies the Air and Water. Antiviral, fights infections, colds, bronchitis. Refreshing and Uplifting, Reduces Anxiety & Stress, Disperses Confusion.  Anti-Inflammatory Nerve & Liver Tonic and Blood Cleanser; Increases lymph function, stimulates white blood cells that defend the body against infection. Clears heat & toxicity, relieves stomach acidity. Cooling Astringent & Antiseptic: Cleanses, refreshes, cools & stimulates (often used for oily skin). Activates the Sympathetic Nervous System.

Energetically, Lemon works on a cellular level, pulsating the cleansing violet flame, opening up the body so it can be charged up, relaxing the chest & lungs, transmuting, cleansing, transforming. ½ oz: $8.

Lime Peel (Rutaceae Family): Purification, Physical Energy, Peacefulness, Happiness. Immune tonic, anti-infectious, refreshes Mind and Body, & boosts energy.  Antidepressant and Mental Stimulant: Uplifting to the tired mind, both mentally and emotionally.  Fosters eternal energy, helps to get in the “here-and-now”, helps break obsessive worrying.  Encourages lighthearted playfulness and fun, cheer and laughter.Increases circulation, lymph drainage, reduces cellulite.   Soothes cellular memories.

Energetically, Lime balances the emotional body, opens connections between the emotional body & our spiritual body.   ½ oz: $8.

Sweet Orange Peel (Rutaceae Family):  Releases density from the Aura. Antiviral, antibacterial, helps overcome colds, flu – strengthens immune system.  Antidepressant, increases bioelectrical energy, overcomes melancholy, encourages cheerful, relaxed state of learning readiness (Alpha).  A diuretic nerve tonic, increases lymph drainage, relieves nervous exhaustion and heart palpitations.  Blood cleanser, increases attention, concentration & mental focus. Contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, sulfur, copper, iron and zinc (needed for brain function). Calms sympathetic nervous system.  Skin tonic: rejuvenates skin, combats wrinkles, good for eczema and dermatitis.  Calms Sympathetic Nervous System.

Energetically, Sweet Orange Peel stimulates the digestive system, kidneys, adrenal glands. It goes through the whole circuit, energizing the meridians – a general energizer, bringing forth balance -- balancing all the energy centers. ½ oz: $5.

Tangerine Peel (Rutaceae Family):  Consciously Present & Aware.  Change promotes growth.  Replaces dread & fear with Enthusiasm & Joy.  Increases Life Force, true appreciation of the Gift of Life.  A warming Yang oil, releases nervous tension, dispels worrying -- relaxes us, allowing new possibilities.  Cellular memory releases old programs.  Sedative, Antispasmodic. Relieves Insomnia. Greater receptivity grounds spiritual, Soul Expands.  Tangerine carries Dolphin energy, Allows us to accept Life’s gifts.  Affordable and powerful enough to refresh the room, this is a wonderful oil to diffuse. Also good to mix with other citruses, i.e. Grapefruit.  

Energetically, Tangerine works on the emotional body, transmuting negative emotions, moving them up to the crown, and out.  It works in the core, balancing all the energy centers and meridians – very emotionally balancing, totally balancing. ½ oz: $7.




Essential oils travel quickly through the body and work energetically in a beneficial manner for people and animals, when held or a few drops applied on the skin.




The above information is for educational purposes only, and nothing contained herein should be construed as medical advice.

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