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Product ID: EnergizeCombo
Energize Spray/Blend Combo
Energize Spray/Blend Combo
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ENERGIZE (Head, Neck, Throat & Nerve Support; Energizer) SPRAY/BLEND COMBO:

Blend, plus Stimulating Daily & Evening Wear Vibrational Spray with Gold and Aura Cleanse Gem Elixirs

This blend helped a severe auto accident (open head injury) victim in his recovery. The uplifting, gently energizing blend works to oxygenate the brain. Over time, we have learned that men particularly like this blend; it acts as an energizer for both daytime and evening.

Ingredients: Contains soothing and balancing Bergamot, Geranium, and Fir; stimulating and energizing Hyssop, Rosemary verbenone, Pine, Ginger, and Basil; plus nourishing, uplifting, and cleansing Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, and Orange. The spray also contains Gold and Aura Cleanse Gem Elixirs.<

(Blend created by Helen Stembridge; Gold and Aura Cleanse gem elixirs created by Flash Silvermoon, Melrose, FL)

Uses: Diffuse, inhale, and wear undiluted. Dilute in carrier oil for lymph drainage, massage, cellulite treatments, and weight-loss soaking baths. Shake spray, close eyes, and spray head, neck and environment.

1/4 oz Blend & 2 oz Body & Environmental Spray: $38.50

The above information is for educational purposes only, and nothing contained herein should be construed as medical advice.

Physical Index: Alzheimer's Daily Wear, Aphrodisiac, Balancing, Cellular Healing, Cleansing, Energizing, Immune Building, Men's Daily Wear, Nerve Strengthening, Uplifting.

Energetically, this blend flows energy from the heart down into the lower chakras, and connects sexual energy with Divine Love. It is a very sexual & pleasurable blend which is uniting and also activates the turquoise chakra & thymus, powering the immune system. It harmonizes, channeling energy into the turquoise chakra and heart chakra, bringing us into connection with our indwelling presence, the I AM presence. Helps people whose sexuality is separated from their heart, from Divine Love.

Energy Index: Aphrodisiac Spiritual (Chakras 4,3,2,1) Chakra 4 (Etheric Heart Opening); Chakra 4.5 (Turquoise Chakra, Thymus, Immune Strengthening).

Essential oils travel quickly through the body and work energetically in a beneficial manner for people and animals, when held or a few drops applied on the skin.

The above information is for educational purposes only, and nothing contained herein should be construed as medical advice.

This blend is also available as a pure essential oil blend in different sizes and separately as a 2 oz. spray.




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Price: $38.50
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