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Massage Essentials/Cranio Sacral
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Massage Essentials CRANIO-SACRAL

(2) ½ oz blends of our most popular Cranio-Sacral blends for Massage and (1) 2oz bottle of OXY Heal.

Value of the Pack: $88

We’ve paired two of our best CRANIO-SACRAL Essential Oil Blends, Rain Spirit's Calming BLUE WATERS and INTO THE SILENCE Blends, with Oxy Heal, a powerful, All-Natural, oxygenated Olive Oil for a complete all natural treatment regime for use with your clients.

Rain Spirit's Calming BLUE WATERS: Respiratory Clearing & Creativity diffuser & massage blend calms the mind and emotions, eases Ego desires and anxieties, and encourages creative flow in the Here and Now.

Blue Chamomile relaxes us and releases expectations and anger, and Cajeput cleanses, drains and provides antiviral respiratory protection.

Apply undiluted or diluted in Oxy Heal or cream, on throat and under the collar bone. Spritz or diffuse to cleanse body and environment. Apply diluted for massage.

Energetically, the blend brings an influx of spiritual energy in through the crown into the head, brain, Third eye, pineal, pituitary, flowing down the core and grounding. It clears respiratory & auditory passageways, throat, sinuses & Third Eye blockages, while also balancing energy in the pelvic region & pelvic bone, going deeply, circulating energy through the whole skeletal structure -- ribs, shoulders, pelvis, joints. 1/2 oz: $18.

INTO THE SILENCE Chakra Balancing (A Duet of Love & Purity): This blend assists us to connect with the purity of our spirit, and helps us slow time for meditation & conscious daily living. It is excellent for daily wear, body & energy work, and energetic clearing of environments.

This blend is made up of many inspirational spiritual blends:

  • The gentle protection of the Holy Trinity of Light blend wraps one in a nurturing remembrance of the safe journey of dedicated Life.
  • Beginning of Fire & Spiritual Light & Healing blends provide cellular cleansing, release, regeneration and transformation.
  • The sweet angelic presence is represented by the rare and precious Heavenly Treasures and the Angel Baby blend.
  • Citruses provide nourishment, love and pleasure, bringing us into the Present, totally cleansed and revitalized with spiritual energy.

Anoint high heart, sternum & thymus/turquoise chakra. Spritz, diffuse, dilute for massage & hydrotherapy treatments. 1/2 oz $40.

OXY Heal can be added to your favorite massage oil to provide additional oxygenation for deeper penetration to the muscles and supporting tissue.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ozonated by Pure Ozone. No Metals or Chemicals. 2 oz. $30.00

Essential oils travel quickly through the body and work energetically in a beneficial manner for people and animals, when held or a few drops applied on the skin.

The above information is for educational purposes only, and nothing contained herein should be construed as medical advice.

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