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Product ID: AromaBeadswSachetOrange
Sachet with AromaBeads Orange
Sachet with AromaBeads Orange
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Aroma Beads, PEACH/ORANGE Warming, Energizing

Aroma Beads are made from a natural clay base - making them highly absorbent.

Aroma Beads come in a variety of colors and can be used in the diffusing necklaces or sachets. Each color comes in a package of 50 unscented beads.

WARMING and ENERGIZING are the keywords for the color <span style="color: rgb(204, 51,0); PEACH/ORANGE or PEACH/ORANGE , which represents the second or sacral chakra, a warming energy often associated with creativity, sexual drive, and regeneration. We like to call these warm, wet regenerating seeds the Cleo oils which activate the Golden Glow within, assisting us to radiate beauty from the inside out!

These oils also feed the brain, regenerate the body, provide natural hormonal support and assist the digestive system: particularly Coriander, Cardamom, Caraway, Celery, Carrot, Fennel, Cistus, Roman Chamomile & Clary Sage.

Blends which feature Cleo oils include Head & Heart, Headache Relief, Cleopatra, Colic & Gas, Hormonal Support/Cycles, Venus, Burning Flame, Beginning of Fire, Moving Forward.

An alternate use of the ORANGE colored beads could be those oils containing cineols, which provide RESPIRATORY & SPORTS support. Oils could include Eucalyptus, Niaouli, Cajeput, Kanuka, Kunzea, Myrtle, Spike Lavender & Croatian Lavender. Respiratory blends include Breathe Easy, EZ Breathing, Power of Protection, Soul Vibrations, Sinus Opening, Sinus/Thymus.

Sports Performance blends include Sinus & Sports Performance, Teamwork, Super Sport Support.

White Flower is also an invigorating inhalant which can be used for energy and sports support.

These amazing beads are porous enough to absorb essential oils or perfume, provide long-lasting diffusion, and are durable enough to be used over and over with any warming Cleo oil or blend; or for respiratory or sports performance, cineol-containing essential oils and/or blends.

The above oils and blends can all be worn in the aroma necklace, in sachets in bosom or purse, and also are good in a sachet placed in a soaking bath, as the regenerating and respiratory oils are all comforting and healing when added to a soaking bath along with epsom salts, sea salts and/or cider vinegar.

We have included the Small Sachet, and used with an energizing oil such as Rosemary, a respiratory oil such as Eucalyptus, or an invigorating essential oil blend, the beads will work all day at home, school and in the work place-- in smelly lockers, kept beside the desk, and to help stay awake while driving.

Special Price for Beads with Sachet: $9.95

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