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Product ID: BrainEnhancingEssentialOils14Pack

Brain-Enhancing Essential Oils 14-Pack

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Brain-Enhancing Essential Oils 14-Pack

Increase Mental Focus:

100% Pure Essential Oils for Blending, Diffusion, Massage & Daily Wear
(14) 1/4 oz Pure Essential Oils, Value $118

These are essential oils which travel through the Central Nervous System (brain and spine), activating the sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous systems and helping nourish the brain, unwinding emotional blockages, and balancing the brain and nervous system with infusions of spiritual energy.

Warming (Cranial/Sacral): Many of these oils are warming oils which energetically enter the CNS at the Root and Sacral Energy Centers, bringing warming energy up to the Throat chakra to enhance creative expression, and from there to the Third Eye, activating the pituitary and pineal glands (2-5-7 chakras).

Hi-Vibe: These oils bring Spiritual energy into the body, from the crown down. Some may be Cooling, as in Peppermint.

BalanceEmotional, Right-Left, Masculine-Feminine, Solar-Moon: activates the moon chakras, turquoise chakra, solar plexus and navel center (hara), and root chakra – works on the ida and pingala channel on each side of the spine, balancing male and female energies.

Cellular Release: These essential oils energetically enter the body at the navel (belly button) and travel up and down the core, where deep healing takes place. Cellular release oils have a neutral valence and help to balance the aura, then working on all the cells of the body as they travel through the central core. These oils begin in the Peripheral Nervous System and travel through the birth center to the Core and CNS.

Calming Adrenal Support: Relieve Panic, Stress, Anxiety - These oils gently relax & energize the body, promoting feelings of wellbeing.  They calm panic to allow calm mental focus, & unwind emotional issues.

Oneness – Heart-Opening Compassion: We are not alone, and we can feel our connectedness! This Compassionate Love energy enters the back of the heart, fans out through the chest, expands the emotional heart energy center, like a star, connecting us to everything. It pulls energy up from the earth and in through the crown, opening and strengthening the emotional heart, bringing a sense of “Oneness” and connection with others, as it travels throughout the meridians.

Sensual/Third Eye/Creativity: These are oils which activate the creative right-brain, connect with spiritual sensuality, and stimulate expanded consciousness.

Fourteen essential oils which have beneficial effects on the brain:

Basil, Holy Ocimum basilicum strengthens the CNS, relieves irritability, empowers mental focus and evokes empathy. Energetically, Basil opens and strengthens the physical and emotional heart and solar plexus chakra, brings in energy from the earth and crown — amplifies spiritual purpose, connection with others, Oneness, & encourages harmonious interactions. $7. 

Cedarwood, Wild Cedrus atlantica is a warming mood-uplifting, antifungal regenerative lymph and nerve tonic which oxygenates cells, chelates arteries, stimulates adrenals and Third Eye, relaxes the CNS, supports the nervous system - enhances courage, mental focus & wellbeing. Promotes clear breathing. Energetically, this one relaxes and opens the solar plexus, and empowers and nourishes the CNS, moving all the way up the backbone — creating a sense of wellbeing in the solar plexus, relieving anxiety, moving throughout the brain and balancing the right and left brain — gives us backbone, very powerful for the mind — stimulates the brain, head and scalp. $5;

Bergamot Peel Bergamot Citrus aurantium bergamia (Rutaceae): Release, Relax, Uplift. Antispasmodic.  Relieves nervous anxiety. Calming, emotionally balancing. Renowned for its fresh, beautiful, almost floral scent, Bergamot is a CNS sedative, calms the heart, adjusts Hypothalamus.  Assists clear breathing. It is a digestive stimulant. Strengthens immune system, improves physical & mental strength.  Energetically, Bergamot warms and energizes the spleen, calms the lower energy centers, and brings higher energies into the CNS. Caution:  Photosensitive, avoid direct sunlight after application on skin. Constituents: Limonene, Linalyl Acetate, Linalool, Pinene, Bergaptene, Terpineol, Nerol, Neryl Acetate, β-Bisabolene, Geraniol, Geraniol Acetate, and Myrcene. $11.  

Clove Bud Select Eugenia caryophyllus is an excellent natural anesthetic and antispasmodic disinfectant. The warming aphrodisiac relaxes mind & body. Energetically, Clove Bud enters the etheric core, CNS & joints, & balances male/female energies. It also stimulates circulation throughout the body – flows down, through the pelvis and legs & grounds the body. $9.

Cypress Cupressus sempervirens frequently used for drainage: Decongests & strengthens all body systems including bladder, kidneys, lymph, circulatory, respiratory, immunity, thymus, spleen, muscles and mental function. Antispasmodic diuretic, a natural antiperspirant/deodorant for body & clears damp moldy odors. Most grounding of all the oils. Energetically, Cypress enters the back & CNS, empowers the cranium & spine – brings energy surging all along the spine – grounding because it works deeply within the bone structure. ¼ oz $7.50.

Eucalyptus globulus: Antiviral, antifungal, analgesic immune-building respiratory oil which strengthens digestive and urinary organs, balances metabolism, supports clear breathing & improves mental function. Energetically, it pulls energy through the solar plexus and works on the digestive system, stimulating the thyroid, pancreas & all organs of digestion; also stimulates the sinuses & travels along the CNS, balancing & energizing. ¼ oz $6.

Grapefruit Peel, Pink: Disperse, Lighten, Revive.  Calms Mental Chatter, expands Heart & Third Eye, activates frontal lobe for Brain Integration, increases happiness & mental clarity. Antidepressant, antiseptic lymph stimulant & diuretic. Cools, cleanses, decongests liver, lymph, spleen. Purifies blood, clears arteries, eliminates excess fluid, breaks down fat. Energetically, Grapefruit anchors the higher self into the body, empowers us & provides feeling of wellbeing. ¼ oz $7.

French Lavender angustifolia: Clears Thinking, Strengthens Mental; Respiratory & Kidney Drainage, Diuretic; Analgesic, Antispasmodic, Deodorant preferred for healing of burns, bites, wounds, skin and respiratory infections; for mental focus, digestive and liver support; anxiety and pain relief of headaches, muscles. Energetically, it generates heat, energizes the kidneys & bladder, a diuretic – also soothes muscles, endocrine glands & nerves throughout the body.  ¼ oz $9.50.

LemongrassCymbopogon citratus (Poaceaefamily): Lemongrass essential oil enhances focus and helps circulation, strengthens immune system and blood vessels, builds connective tissue, and cleanses blood. The anti-inflammatory diuretic reduces cellulite, stimulates lymph, eases fatigue, purifies intestinal tract. Energetically, Lemongrass relaxes and energizes the body with soft feminine energy. ¼ oz $6.

  • 70% Aldehydes: geranial, neral;
  • 10% Alcohols geraniol & a-terpineol;
  • 10% Sesquiterpenol farnesol;
  • 10% Esters geranyl acetate & linalyl acetate;
  • 8% Monoterpenes myrcene, d-limonene & b-ocimene;
  • 5% Sesquiterpene  B-caryophyllene;
  • 3% Oxide caryophyllene oxide;
  • 3% Ketone methyl heptanone.

Marjoram, Spanish Thymus mastachina is a calming vasodilator which promotes healthy muscles & flexible joints. The cleansing diuretic drains kidneys, increases range & flexibility of motion (physically, intellectually, emotionally), relaxes spasms, allows sleep. Energetically, Marjoram pulls energy into the kidneys, bladder, urinary tract – acts as a diuretic. It assists circulation, increasing the blood flow to the kidneys and heart. The heart opens up, first the front and then the back – very relaxing. ¼ oz $12.

Myrtle Myrtus communis (Myrtaceae family): Spiritually uplifting Myrtle essential oil (Myrtus communis) energizes the endocrine system, strengthens the thyroid and hypothyroid, digestive system, throat, lungs and solar plexus, promotes clear breathing; analgesic, increases joint flexibility, used for sports massage. Gentle and safe for use with children. Energetically, Myrtle brings energy in at the hara (navel center), works on the throat, thyroid gland, lungs & solar plexus. It assists the digestive system, solar plexus, energizes the endocrine glands, balances the aura, and brings in higher energies. ¼ oz $13.

Peppermint Yakima, Third Distillation Mentha piperita (antispasmodic, nervous system regulator, pain relief, cooling, stimulates CNS) . Cooling and balancing antibacterial and antiviral respiratory, analgesic essential oil which strengthens lungs, enhances mental focus, and promotes healthy digestion.

Energetic Actions: Activates the Higher-Mind, accesses and grounds higher energy. Peppermint expands the Third Eye chakra and aligns its energy with the first chakra, grounding Spirituality into physical action – Helps digestion of new thoughts and beliefs; accesses universal consciousness; helps create a new foundation of reality based on our inner light or Soul energy. – Deborah Eidson, Vibrational Healing.

Energetic Observations: Very empowering and strengthening to the lungs, sinuses and nasal passages. Then it travels along the CNS, stimulating the whole body, tingling & buzzing through the meridians. Stimulate & rejuvenates all the cells of the body. – Star Johnsen-Moser. ¼ oz $6.

Rosemary,Tunisian Rosmarinus officinalis strengthens and regenerates mental, nerve and heart functioning, adrenals, digestive, liver and spleen, and builds the immune system. The anti-infectious antispasmodic skin and respiratory oil supports clear breathing, stimulates circulation in extremities. ¼ oz $6.

Energetic Actions: Spiritual love frees us from maintaining the state of lack and increases the ability to nourish Self. Energetically, the heart expands and feels soothed; the mental body relaxes, allowing love to flow in. Traumatic cellular memories can safely release grief and heartbreak; allows lung energy to expand and nourish the body. – Deborah Eidson, Vibrational Healing.

Energetic Observations: Stimulates the sexual organs, opens the moon chakras and brings in the Divine feminine energy of unconditional love. – Star Johnsen. Warming (Cranial/Sacral), Increases Processing Speed, Respiratory/Adrenal Support, Relieves Palpitations, Oneness: Heart-Opening Love, Cellular Healing.

Spruce Picea mariana (Pinaceae family) (calming nerve tonic, warms bones & joints, immune-building, antispasmodic, builds immune system; strengthens bones, spine, muscles, endocrine support). Spruce essential oil is a regenerative respiratory lymph & nerve tonic with natural cortisone-like properties, which opens air passages, warms bones & joints, stimulates thymus, adrenals, pituitary & Third Eye, & assists spiritual opening. The antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic, diuretic oil clears arteries, veins, lymph, kidneys & respiratory passages; calms fears & releases emotional blockages. Spruce is the oil of choice to assist clear breathing. Energetically, Spruce opens the lungs and works on the endocrine glands, pituitary & brain. It works on the liver, pelvis, adrenals, kidneys, & root energy center; strengthens the bones/spine, brings energy into the spinal column/CNS, sends heat all the way through the bones, warming everything up. ¼ oz $9. 


Cha JH, Lee SH, Too YS. Effects of aromatherapy on changes in the autonomic nervous system, aortic pulse wave velocity and aortic augmentation index in patients with essential hypertension. J Korean Acad Nurs, 2010; Oct 40(5): 705-13.

Eidson D. Vibrational Healing. 2000, Frog Ltd, Berkeley CA.

Hwang JH. The effects of the inhalation method using essential oils on blood pressure and stress responses of clients with essential hypertension.Taehan Kanho Hakhoe Chi. 2006 Dec;36(7):1123-34.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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