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Product ID: CollectBasicDiffuserTwelvePack
Aromatherapy Basic Diffuser 12-Pack
Aromatherapy Basic Diffuser 12-Pack
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Aromatherapy Basic Diffuser 12-Pack

A Rainbow of Excellent Oils

100% Pure Essential Oils for Diffuser, Massage & Personal Wear
(12) Pure Essential Oils,

1/4 oz Bottles: Value of the oils 1/4 oz Size: $92; 

This is a collection of the pure essential oils most frequently used for diffusing, which are also excellent for blending, massage, hydrotherapy treatments and anointing. The oils included in this chest are beneficial for stress relief, mood uplift, emotional & metabolic balance, hormonal support, respiratory protection, increased circulation for brain & body, enhanced memory and mental focus, relaxation, and spiritual awakening.  Combine as you like, for the oils are like spring flowers and all will work well together.

The oils are multidimensional, with simultaneous beneficial physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effects.  We have found through the years that when aiming for a physical effect, we receive emotional and spiritual benefits as well. For instance, oils which encourage metabolic balance are also working toward emotional balance at the same time.

All the included oils are excellent for daytime use. For nighttime restful sleep we suggest Sweet Orange, Geranium, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Marjoram, Spruce & Spice Blend.

For blending suggestions and further information on the oils in this collection, please click on the Creating Combinations and Components tabs.

EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS: Purification & Healing, Concentration, Mental Function. Excellent for use in diffuser. Improves brain integration, clear breathing, and metabolic balance. Antiseptic inhalant and chest rub for colds and fevers.  Safe respiratory  bacteria-buster, metabolic balancing, strengthens immune, urinary & respiratory systems, clears dampness, oxygenates body. Combine with Lavender as insect repellant.

GERANIUM: Hormonal, emotional & metabolic balance, mental focus, calming anti-depressant, uplifting, skin healing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, increase circulation. Most comforting of all the oils. Enhances creativity, happy relationships. Stimulates the liver, pancreas, adrenal cortex. Diffuse, dilute for lymph drainage massage, relieves fluid retention.

GRAPEFRUIT PEEL:  This Happiness oil purifies the environment & the body --  is perfect for the diffuser and also good for lymphatic massage and soaking baths to assist weight loss.  Grapefruit is cheerful, uplifting, activates the frontal lobe for brain integration, activates endorphins and helps to balance serotonin level. Antidepressant, antiseptic lymphatic stimulant and diuretic.  Cools, cleanses, decongests liver, lymph, spleen.  Purifies blood, clears arteries, eliminates excess fluid, breaks down fat. 

LAVENDER FRENCH Lavendula officinalis (Labiateae):  Clears thinking, increases focus, stimulates pineal, Third Eye for brain integration. Calms the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system and the heart, balances serotonin, relieves nervous tension, reduces anxiety, fear & anger. Promotes flexible muscles, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial; speeds healing of burns and insect bites.

LEMON PEEL: Antiviral, cooling astringent & antiseptic purifies air, water, body, mind and emotions. Anti-Inflammatory nerve & liver tonic and blood cleanser; increases circulation, lymph drainage, clears breathing, releases cellulite and cellular memories. Clears heat & toxicity, relieves stomach acidity. Changes pH balance from acid to alkaline. Activates the Sympathetic Nervous System.  

LITSEA CUBEBA: Exotic verbena, uplifting, analgesic, mental stimulant; cool radiant energy. Calms heart palpitations.  Anti-inflammatory, antiviral, emotionally refreshing, inspiring and motivating.

MARJORAM, SPANISH (Labiateae): Warming, calming, comforting vasodilator, relieves anxiety and agitated emotional states, obsessive behaviors, overworrying, grief.  Antispasmodic, regulates metabolism, reduces spasms, calms sympathetic, excites parasympathetic nervous system. Promotes healthy nervous system.  Warms & increases flexibility of motion, improves circulation, promotes healthy muscles and nerves.  Increases lymph drainage, removes wastes.  

SWEET ORANGE PEEL: This uplifting diffuser oil clears dense energy and is frequently used to cleanse environments. A natural antidepressant, Sweet Orange assists mental focus, relieves nervousness and heart palpitations, balances serotonin, soothes nerves & digestion, nourishes and strengthens the immune system. When diluted for skin applications, Orange Peel rejuvenates skin, drains lymph & kidneys.

PEPPERMINT, Yakima, Natural: Wide spectrum antibacterial, antiviral. Strengthens lungs.  Good respiratory oil for air diffuser or spritzer. Soothes, cools, invigorates, increases circulation, helps clarify the mind; a cooling anti-inflammatory for muscles. Inhale from bottle, diffuse or spritz for focus & emotional uplift.

ROSEMARY, Tunisian: Strengthens the conscious mind & memory, supports healthy nervous system. Revives, warms, stimulates and restores. Antiviral, assists clear breathing. Strengthens & regenerates all systems, balances the Endocrine system.  Energizes  Stomach, Liver & Spleen. Stimulates Adrenal Cortex & Parasympathetic Nervous System, calms Sympathetic Nervous System.

SPICE Diffuser Blend/Romance, Uplift, Respiratory Blend:   Cinnamon, Clove, Mandarin, Nutmeg. Inhale, diffuse, and dilute for massage. Also good for evening relaxation, respiratory health and sleep.

SPRUCE Picea Mariana: Calming Nerve Tonic; Dispels Fear, Helps clear Arteries, Veins, and Air Passages, and Warms Bones and Joints.  Air disinfectant, respiratory regenerative lymph and nerve tonic; calming, balancing, spiritual opening; stimulates adrenals and Third Eye. 

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The above information is for educational purposes only, and nothing contained herein should be construed as medical advice.

When creating a diffuser combination, you may choose from one or more of the following groups:

  • Citruses
  • Trees
  • Esters (gentle elements such as Geranium, Lavender, Rosewood, Palmarosa)
  • Respiratory oils (such as Eucalyptus, Myrtle, Niaouli, Ravensara)
  • Uplifting, anti-inflammatory, analgesic aldehydes (Lemongrass, Litsea cubeba, Marjoram)
  • Right-brain regenerating, creativity and sensuality sesquiterpenes (Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Nutmeg)
  • Strengthening oils (herbs such as Rosemary, Basil, Sage or Thyme)
  • If desired, add a few drops of rare and precious elements (Chamomile, Jasmine, Rose or Sandalwood).

By balancing your choices among the above groups, you will be assured that your combinations are gentle, safe and affordable. The oils chosen for this collection are ideal for diffusing, and can also be used for all other types of applications including water treatments (day spa body treatments & home bath applications), cream, lotion, carrier oil and gel applications for massage & other body applications.

The oils are multidimensional, with simultaneous beneficial physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effects. We have found through the years that when aiming for a physical effect, we receive emotional and spiritual benefits as well. For instance, oils which encourage metabolic balance are also working toward emotional balance at the same time.







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