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Product ID: HeavenEarthPk
Heaven and Earth Giftpack
Heaven and Earth Giftpack
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Heaven and Earth Spiritual Gift Pack

This very divine collection of essential oil blends was created with the intention of helping us to come into reconnection with the heavenly realms and Higher Worlds above our heads, the Heart of the Sky, to with the Shadowy Underworlds beneath our feet, the Heart of the Earth. To bring the above into the below, and the below into the above.

(4) 2 ml pure essential oil blends, enhanced with flower essences:

Flower essences from Star's Yucatan garden have recently been added in July 2015, which further activate these precious blends. Flower Essences work in deeper subtle levels than essential oils, and when working together can create an even more amazing symphony of healing energies

The blends were created by energetic facilitator Star Johnsen-Moser, with Carol Sweeney and Helen Stembridge, to assist us in exploring our roots.

Ancestral Roots Blend connects us with the kingdoms beneath our feet – the subconscious mind, our ancestors – all that is hidden. The ANCESTRAL ROOTS blend is for grounding, connecting us with the Heart of the Earth, with the Shamanic Realms, with our Ancestors, and for reclaiming our lost powers. Helping us to come into full embodyment, this blend is now enhanced with the following Yucatan Flower Essences:

ROCK ROSE - for aid in releasing and healing fears held in the root chakra
MANDEVILLA - for feeling settled and grounded
JASMINE - for clearing memories of the past, helping us to be in the present moment.

The blend moves energy through the meridians down to the Earth’s chakras and connects with the lower worlds under our feet, and the structure of pathways that go throughout our root structures, dispelling shadows of unhealed aspects in our subconscious minds.
The blend brings into organization, transmutes and transforms energy that was caught in the shadows – gathering, reclaiming, & reintegrating our lost power as on a shamanic journey – a type of soul retrieval.

Contains Blue Cypress, Cape Chamomile, Moroccan Chamomile, Myrrh, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Carrot, Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Rosewood.

Stability Blend

The STABILITY blend contains the circuitries to unite the world above with the world below, helping us to walk in balance between the two, with our awareness in the present moment. So we can truly walk in our own power and Light.

This blend is enhanced with the following Yucatan Flower Essences:

WATER LILY - for expanding our awareness
ORCHID - for greater balance and stability

Stabilizes the bipolar current and anchors all the subtle bodies into the sacred earth roots, grounding the subtle bodies – creating a state of stability between our higher worlds and our lower worlds.
Silver Fir and Carrot Seed connect the upper and lower worlds, and the Ancestral Roots ingredients are also included in this stabilizing blend. Rosewood grounds the emotional body, Mugwort activates the crystalline structure, and Turmeric CO2 anchors the blend and intensifies the benefits.

Celestial Roots Blend helps us to connect with the higher world -- the nadis that are above the head, cosmic chakras -- pulling in the cosmic energy from the heart of the sky, the stars, the cosmos.

The CELESTIAL ROOTS blend extends the energy lines, or nadis, emanating from our Crown Chakra far out through out aura and into our Siritual Bodies. Aids us in truly connecting with our Higher Self, and our Celestial origins. This lovely blend is now enhanced with the following Yucatan Flower Essences:

CROWN OF THORNS - for connection with the Cosmic Christ
ANGELS' TRUMPET - to assist in opening us to visionary states and to open our doors of perception, conscious awareness of spiritual life
FIRECRACKER FLOWER - aids in communication with Higher Self, guidance from the higher realms.

The blend features sweet Osmanthus, whose very delicate tendrils reach up and out, weaving into the cosmic roots to give dimensionality. Frankincense Select CO2, Angelica archangelica, and Rose send the energy far up; with Frangipani spiraling the energy far out; and Galbanum/Rosewood flowing the energy through the brain and body like a waterfall, cascading and cleansing. Niaouli provides safe, protected pathways; and Tarragon moves the energy farther and faster.

Kewara attar and Massoia are ethereal stabilizers which create a lock, silencing the chatter, clearing the ears, creating stillness & emptiness for meditation, & taking the energy straight up -- a tap root up, bringing clarity.

World Tree Blend not only activates and clears our Central Channel or Core, but also our entire nadi structure and chakra system...energizing our internal tree with its branches, which connect all of our subtle bodies into our Center. The blend bridges the realms of existence, with the scents activating and unwinding cellular memories.

The tree is the archetypal pattern or design behind every spiritual path on this planet: the Tree of Life which is in us -- as well as in the earth -- world tree and also the galactic tree.

Sweet, light and beautifully inspirational, this blend brings the above to the below, and the below to the above — bringing light from the Soul Star, the Heart of the Heavens, through us, to the Heart of the Earth, and back again – and clears our central vibrational core of any blockages.  Contains precious Neroli, Mimosa, Frangipani, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Rosewood, Cedarwood, Copal, Fir & Pine.

The blend is enhanced with the following flower essences: Orchedra angelita, Bouganvilla fuscha, Hibiscus, Tulipon Yuca.

Uses: Apply undiluted on the Third Eye and feet at the end of energetic healing sessions, to ground the client and anchor in the healing benefits. Anoint carotid arteries of neck, pulse points, thymus, crown & occipital ridge for daily wear.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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