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Product ID: SprayGiftJointMuscle
*Joint/Muscle Relief Aromatherapy Spray Gift Discounts Apply !
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*Joint/Muscle Relief Aromatherapy Spray Gift
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JOINT & MUSCLE RELIEF Healing, Pain-Relieving Aromatherapy Body Sprays Gift Drainage, Nourishing, Healing:

(2) 2 oz Joint & Muscle Repair Body Sprays in Handcrafted Gift Bag: Value $30

These are our most Aromatherapy formulas for sports massage, frequently used before and after training, and to speed healing of muscle/joint injuries -- works well for people and also frequently used in animal therapy. 

BONE & JOINT HEAL Healing Body Spray: This delicate blue blend has become a classic, as it  relieves swelling and pain of bruised or traumatized bones, joints and hands. Features Elemi (historically known as Bone-Heal and carried in battle by the Romans), which works on all levels: physical, metabolic, emotional and spiritual.


  • Chamomile & Elemi relieve swelling & pain, & speed healing of bruised or traumatized bones, joints & hands.  
  • Cypress and Juniper drain excess fluid, nourish new cells, and help to build new connective tissue, as reported by Jeanne Rose and others.  
  • Powerful antiviral, antibacterial Ravensara and Foraha work together to combat infection.
  • Myrrh, Frankincense, Helichrysum & Lavender increase transportation of oxygen through cell walls and reduce scarring.
  • Carrot Seed nourishes new cells.
  • Angelica strengthens the heart and helps rebuild damaged areas.  
  • Chamomile is a calming, analgesic element to reduce swelling and assist speedy recovery.  
  • Palmarosa soothes & gentles.
  • In ph-controlled anti-oxidant Kangen Water, with Healing Waters Gem Elixir.

Uses: Created to ease wounded ankles & knee joints, it has the added benefit of being very pleasing to smell, gentle on the skin, and can be used full strength on affected areas. Shake & spray affected areas. Also works well with full-body massage.

Energetically the blend clears deep seated emotional blockages on a cellular level in the colon and intestine, & helps assimilation as it affects the joints. 

MUSCLE & JOINT MASSAGE Anti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relieving Body Spray: Assists drainage of excess fluids, reduces muscle soreness, pains of arthritis & rheumatism. Helps relieve post-workout muscle spasms.

Ingredients: Juniper, Lavender, Marjoram, Carrot, Elemi, Helichrysum, Birch, Pine, Thyme, St. Johns Wort, in ph-controlled Kangen Water, with Healing Waters & Pain-Free Gem Elixirs.

Uses: Shake & Spray affected areas. Assists sports performance -- good to use before and after competition/workouts. 

Energetically the blend attracts cosmic energy into the liver and gallbladder, then the thymus, stimulating the immune system.  It makes a triangle, starting with the solar plexus to the nadis and into the thymus, liver, gallbladder, going down to the spleen also.  It moves up into the thyroid gland also, connecting that into the thymus – and the energy sprays out, going all through the chest – working on the metabolism too.

Essential oils travel quickly through the body and work energetically in a beneficial manner for people and animals, when held or a few drops applied on the skin.

The above information is for educational purposes only, and nothing contained herein should be construed as medical advice.

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