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Product ID: TreeofLifeWorldTree
Tree of Life/World Tree
Tree of Life/World Tree
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Flower Essence Enhanced Tree of Life, aka World Tree/aka Sacred Core:

Sweet, light and beautifully inspirational, this blend brings the above to the below, and the below to the above — bringing light from the Soul Star, the Heart of the Heavens, through us, to the Heart of the Earth, and back again – and clears our central vibrational core of any blockages.


  • Precious white flowers of trees: Neroli, Mimosa, Frangipani and Linden Blossom;
  • Citrus peel of Bergamot, Mandarin & Tangerine;
  • Wood of Silver Fir, Pine sylvestris, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Copal, and Himalayan Cedarwood.


The powerful Tree of Life Essential Oil blend was created by spiritual healer Star Johnsen- Moser with the intention of assisting us in awakening and reactivating of the Sacred Tree of Life inside of the subtle anatomy of each one of us. Our core comprises the trunk and taproot of our tree, and the nadis comprise our branches and root system. The archetypal form of the tree is the basis of every spiritual path on this planet, and the World Tree blend contains essential oils extracted from sacred world trees of many ancient cultures from around the world. Use of this blend during meditation and other spiritual work can assist us in reconnecting with our multidimensionality and to the Unified Field of Oneness.

This newly enhanced blend has been further activated by adding Flower Essences made from flowers growing in Star's garden in the Yucatan, Mexico. Flower Essences work in deeper subtle levels than essential oils, and when working together can create an even more amazing symphony of healing energies:

WATER HYACINTH is a plant which grows in water, and has been said to assist us in transmuting and transforming dense energies held in our emotional bodies. The flowing, watery nature of this essence helps to nourish our internal Tree of Life, assisting us in reconnection to our Higher Mind.

BOUGAINVILLEA has been added to give another energetic spectrum of healing. This essence has been said to assist in clearing illusional emotional patterns held in our ancestral lineages, and bring us into the joy and wonder of each moment.

WILD ORCHID has a very high vibration which extends into our spiritual bodies, expanding our internal tree and assisting us in reconnecting to the Light and to our spiritual gifts.

HIBISCUS is a beautiful essence which works with our chakra systems, assisting us in awakening our creative potential and gifting us with deeper feelings of inner joy and peace.

Uses: Apply undiluted on the Third Eye and feet at the end of energetic healing sessions, to ground the client and anchor in the healing benefits. Anoint carotid arteries of neck, pulse points, thymus, crown & occipital ridge for daily wear.

Energetic Benefits: The Tree of Life/World Tree blend opens and activates our vibratory core, bridging the realms of existence, with the scents activating and unwinding cellular memories.

(Blend created by Star Johnsen-Moser, Energetic Healer; with Carol Sweeney; and Helen Stembridge)

2 ml: $16.50;1/8 oz: $33, 1/6 oz: $48.50; 1/4 oz: $52.50; 1/2 oz: $94.95; 1 oz: $168.95

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The above information is for educational purposes only, and nothing contained herein should be construed as medical advice.


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