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Spiritual Energy Stress-Relief, Wellbeing & Cleansing Blends Half Price: Click here.





We are beginning to create materials for a tentative blending class to be held in Austin next fall - Sensuality, Relaxation, & Spiritual Development. A variety of products are being created in anticipation of the Class, and the above are affordable oils which refused to be left out of the lineup! We are launching this new combo of relaxing "Rivers" with an offer that is hard to refuse -- $180 Value with carrying bag, NOW $90 (Half Off during July)  Don't miss this luscious collection, and watch for additional groups of sensual/consciousness expanding oils still to come! Click here for this special offer!





Brain-Enhancing Oils for Blending, Diffusion, Massage & Daily Wear - $108 Value - Intro Special $44 during July! Oils for the Brain


Beneficial Neurological Effects of Essential Oils for Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Life

This month we are looking at the beneficial effects of essential oils on the Brain, as they travel through the CNS and affect the sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous systems. We have created a collection of twelve affordable essential oils which have the greatest impact on our ability to focus, process quickly, and maintain optimum mental, emotional, and metabolic balance. They can be used individually, but are most effective when several are combined together, and are ideal for creating blends, diffusion, diluted in cream or carrier oil, a few drops with body or foot massage, and in water applications. The oils bring spiritual energy into the body, and their energetic benefits are also described in the presentation of this pack. For its "coming out" party, we are offering this new collection of Essential Oils for the Brain 60% Off during July: $108 Value NOW $44!



Frankincense CO2 Select Half-Price in July

Warming Oils Activate Throat & Brain. Half Price in July! Warming CNS Stimulants

These oils Warm the Body & the Brain, as they energetically enter the CNS at the Root and Sacral Energy Centers, bringing warming energy up to the Throat chakra to enhance creative expression, and from there to the Third Eye, activating the pituitary and pineal glands (2-5-7 chakras). These oils are included in the Warming CNS Stimulants link above (ALL at Half Price during July) . To honor the importance of these warming activators, we have included our precious Frankincense CO2 shown above!



Mental Processing Speed Affected by Brain Neurotransmitter Acetylcholine.

During my fifteen years of intellectual and academic testing of children in the public school system, I many times wished that there could be a way to help the synapses jump faster so that brain processing could be faster. The children who had the most trouble making academic progress were processing so slowly that they could not succeed with multi-step processes. This link leads to essential oils that inhibit the acetylcholine antagonists, thus allowing more of the needed neurotransmitters to function in the brain pathways! All at half-price during July. Mental Process Speed Enhanced by These Essential Oils!



Sensuality/Third Eye Oils

Sensuality/Third Eye Oils Half Price During July!

These are oils which activate the creative right-brain, connect with spiritual sensuality, and stimulate expanded consciousness.



Hi-Vibration Daily Wear

Hi-Vibe Oils Bring Spiritual Energy in at Crown Chakra - Half Price during July!



Masculine-Feminine Balance

Oils that Energetically Balance Left-Right, Masculine-Feminine Polarities - Half Price in July!



Adrenal Support Oils

Oils Which Provide Adrenal Support

These oils gently relax and energize the body, relieving fatigue and anxiety.



Ease Heart Palpitations

Release Anger, Ease Heart Palpitations

These oils calm panic to allow calm mental focus. They also help unwind emotional issues held in the liver.



Heart-Opening Oils

"Oneness" Heart-Opening Compassion

These oils connect with Universal Consciousness, assisting us to experience our part in the Grand Scheme of things!



Deep Healing in the Core

Cellular Healing Oils - Ethereal Healing in the Core!

Six of these "Nine Rivers" oils energetically enter the body at the navel (belly button) and travel up and down the core, where deep healing takes place. Cellular Healing oils have a neutral valence and have beneficial effects soothing & balancing the aura, and being distributed to all the cells of the body through the central core. These oils begin in the Peripheral Nervous System and travel through the birth center to the Core and CNS.

All the oils in this and the above sections are offered at half price during July, to celebrate this new way of looking at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of essential oils as they travel energetically through the Central Nervous System. Our thanks to Star Johnsen-Moser for the energy readings she contributed in 2002. We are grateful that her energetic information is becoming useful in this interface of science with energy work.


Looking forward to seeing how all this develops -- Please buy as many of these wonderful essential oils as you can during this terrific Half-Price Sale!
Helen Stembridge, Earth Angel Oils






In our continuing campaign to reduce and streamline our inventory of more than 300 exquisite therapeutic Pure Essential Oil blends, we have chosen fourteen blends for retirement, and are closing these out at 80% off! Many of these are being discontinued because of the rising cost of Rare & Precious oils, as these have become too expensive for us to maintain. So be sure and grab these at their greatly reduced (below cost) price, before they are gone! The Sweet Sensual blend is shown above (Retail price $18-$32, NOW $4-$18).Click here to see all fourteen of these great blends.





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