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Product ID: Calamus
Calamus Root
Calamus Root
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Calamus Root, Acorus angustatus (India):

Properties: Anticonvulsant, antiseptic, antibacterial, expectorant, stimulant.

Uses: The root is used in herbal medicine for nervous complaints, vertigo, headaches and dysentery.

Energetic Benefits: Calamus flows through the intestines, thymus, throat, thyroid/parathyroid glands, pancreas, ovaries, into the CNS through the core, and through the meridians. Please click on the Energetic Effects tab for more information about the energy of this oil.

Precautions: This essential oil is a lethal oral toxin, and is also not recommended to be applied to the skin. Not recommended for aromatherapy use. Contains asorone, which is carcinogenic, and oral ingestion can cause convulsions and liver and kidney damage. This oil is internally toxic and potentially lethal. Be very cautious if using it externally. Do not use this oil for aromatherapy, and especially keep away from children, infants or pregnant women. Energetic use of a small closed bottle of Calamus in the energy field, similar to working with crystals, may be possible.

7.5 ml (1/4 oz): $8.75; 15 ml (1/2 oz): $14.50; 30 ml (1 oz): $25.95; 50 ml: $48.50; 120 ml (4 oz): $83.50; 240 ml (8 oz): $146.50

The above information is for educational purposes only, and nothing contained herein should be construed as medical advice.

Energetic Actions — Identifies Family Behavioral Patterns: Calamus is used energetically for the triple warmer meridian, to ease obsessive behaviors based on low self esteem, and to help identify and release familial patterns. — Deborah Eidson, Vibrational Healing

Energetic Observations: This moves all through the intestines, works on the intestines  then up into the thymus, and the thyroid gland.  It works on the throat, thyroid gland, parathyroids, and the structures in the throat – the thymus, pancreas, ovaries -- goes sailing through all the endocrine glands, then moves into the CNS, through the core --  moves all through the system, flowing through the meridians.  (Energetic effect when a closed bottle of Calamus was held in the hand). — Star Johnsen-Moser

Energy Index: Endocrine Balance, Endocrine Strength Immune Building, Intestinal Support

Essential oils travel quickly through the body and work energetically in a beneficial manner for people and animals, when held or a few drops applied on the skin.

The above information is for educational purposes only, and nothing contained herein should be construed as medical advice.



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